High School Road User Safety Fairs

A Driver Safety Fair can bring many of Vermont’s safety-minded organizations together at a Vermont high school to create an event that’s rich with information and experiences that help young drivers make better decisions behind the wheel. The VHSA created a safety fair resource — a contact list of free presentations, workshops, displays, simulators, and experiential demonstrations by VHSA members — so Vermont’s high schools can independently build a campus safety event that fits their needs.

Project Website

The Safety Fair resource helps Vermont high schools create events that combine many presentations, workshops, and opportunities for students to experience learning how critical safe decision-making is while driving.

Safety Fair Resource Created

The inventory of free statewide highway safety programs and workshops is found at https://yscvt.wordpress.com/ New programs are added as we discover them.

Planning to Create How-To Manual

Working with the administration, faculty, and students of Mt. Abraham Union High School in Bristol, the VHSA will help coordinate a safety fair on campus in Spring of 2017. From this experience, we'll gather info, impressions, and photos and video to create a web page that will help any school understand what it takes to create a safety fair, and have confidence to do it.