Law Enforcement Partnership Forum

LE Partnership Forums Interim Report PDF

Problem Identification:
There is a concern that the nation’s law enforcement agencies as a whole are becoming or have become disengaged from the very enforcement tactics that have been shown to have a direct impact on driver behavior. There is a need to identify what the challenges and roadblocks are that prevent law enforcement officers from engaging in enforcement activities and taking appropriate enforcement actions to alter driver behavior.

By identifying and removing roadblocks that may be preventing law enforcement officers from going out and aggressively enforcing the laws, we hope to see an increase in the number of enforcement actions taken against the offending drivers and a reduction of fatal and serious injury crashes.

Proposed Solution/Project Description:

The GHSP Law Enforcement Liaisons, with the support of NHTSA, will conduct one or more Law Enforcement Partnership Forums. The half day forum will include invited staff from NHTSA and the state Highway Safety Office. Law enforcement leadership will be invited to share information relating to their agency’s traffic enforcement efforts. Information gained during the forum will be used by GHSP when developing future goals and action steps.

The goal is to identify common challenges to, and potential solutions for consistent, efficient and effective traffic enforcement programs.

Team Leader(s): GHSP Law Enforcement Liaisons Paul White and Tom Fields.

Team Members:
Paul White, GHSP LEL (North)
Tom Fields , GHSP LEL (South)
Ted Minall, NHTSA LEL (Region 1)
Mandy White, VTrans Highway Research

Contributing Partners:
NHTSA staff from Regions 1 & 2

The month of April 2017, strategically timed to occur just before the May “Click It or Ticket” mobilization.

Supporting Data:
See attached Interim Report on Law Enforcement Partnership Forums prepared by the staff of NHTSA Regions 1 & 2.