Interstate Safety Analysis – I 89 from Exit 13 to 16

Task Force Project Title: I-89, Exit 13-to Exit 16, Safety Analysis

Critical Emphasis Area(s) Addressed: Infrastructure, ROR & Intersections

Start Date of Project: January 30, 2017
End Date of Project: June 1, 2017

Team Leader(s):
Bruce Nyquist, Director, VTrans OHS 802-828-2696

Team Members:
Lt. John Flannigan, VSP
Lt. Garry Scott, VSP
Mario Dupigny-Giroux, VTrans HSIP
Amy Gamble, VTrans Traffic Operations Engineer
Josh Schultz, VTrans TSMO Manager
Derek Lyman, VTrans Traffic Signal Engineer
Evelyn McFarlane, VHSA (Ad Hoc)

Project Description:
Over the past few years, and increasingly in the past weeks and months, many issues have surfaced concerning I 89 from Exit 13 to Exit 16 involving crashes and congestion over this stretch of roadway. Utilizing a multi-disciplinary team, we will develop projects and programs to minimize the effects of increasing traffic and roadway congestion with the goal of making this section of Interstate 89 safer.

Data: Crash Data, speed data, traffic signal data, traffic volume data

Goals: Reduce crashes over this section of I-89

Budget (If Applicable): Undetermined.