National Performance Measures Target Setting


Project Title: National Performance Measure Target Setting

Critical Emphasis Area(s) Addressed: Special Emphasis Area - Data

Start Date of Project: January 10, 2017
End Date of Project: June 1, 2017

Team Leader(s):
Bruce Nyquist, Director, VTrans OHS

Team Members:
Mario Dupigny-Giroux, VTrans HSIP
Evelyn McFarlane, VHSA
Eleni Churchill, CCRPC Program Manager
Costa Pappis, VTrans Planning Coordinator
Jon Kaplan, VTrans, Bike & Pedestrian Coordinator

Project Description: As part of the National Transportation Performance Management initiative, 5 performance measures have been identified by that states are required to report to FHWA and NHTSA. This task force will utilize available data sources to determine/set the 2017 performance measure targets. The performance targets are as follows:

• Number of Fatalities (based on a 5 year rolling average)
• Rate of Fatalities (5 year rolling average of number of fatalities per 100 mil. VMT)
• Number of Serious Injuries (based on a 5 year rolling average)
• Rate of Serious Injuries (5 year rolling average of number of serious injuries per 100 mil. VMT)
• Number of Fatalities and Serious Injuries for Bicyclists and Pedestrians (based on a 5 year rolling average)



Establish the 2017 targets for the 5 National Performance Measures within the timelines provided by FHWA. Vermont specific targets are due by June 1, 2017 in order to be included in the 2018 HSP Draft.

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