The Crash Trailer

The Crash Trailer is a portable demonstration of the potentially catastrophic human consequences of unsafe driving decisions. It displays a crashed car, motorcycle, and bicycle, assembled on a trailer with messaging and interactivity. The presentation will become a centerpiece of a collaborative initiative to promote and provide cost-free educational safety programming to Vermont high schools and communities.



Being witness to the reality of what happens in a crash — and how vulnerable drivers, passengers, and other road users are — will help foster attitudes about safety that might not otherwise be experienced. The project creates an opportunity for drivers of all ages and skill levels to experience first-hand an example of the tragic outcomes that are possible when drivers are less than totally focused and responsible. It will travel to high school campuses, agricultural fairs, public safety events, and through a thoughtfully crafted presentation will educate and affect its audience.

Currently under construction, the mobile Crash Trailer displays a real crashed car, motorcycle, and bicycle, complete with information about staying safe behind the wheel in Vermont. Dramatic, thought-inspiring, and deeply informational, the Crash Trailer is scheduled to be available to schools and communities in the spring of 2017.