Thank you for sharing our vision to minimize the occurrence and severity of highway crashes, and related injuries and fatalities in Vermont. The Vermont Highway Safety Alliance is pleased to collect and share relevant data and resources to help you realize our vision, and promote highway safety in Vermont.


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Education & Outreach

AARP Driver Safety (50+ driving program.)
Project Roadsafe (Workplace safety programs produced by Associated General Contractors of Vermont.)
Project Yellow Light (Scholarship competition designed to bring about change.)
Turn Off Texting (Hands-on demonstration that raises awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.)
Ride Safe Vermont (Motorcycle riding workshops.)
TXT U L8R (Created by UVM Medical Center & Clinical Simulation Laboratory at the UVM College of Medicine, to discourage high school students from texting while driving.)
Be Seat Smart (Vermont Department of Health—child passenger safety.)
High School Road User Safety Fairs

Marijuana and the Law: Frequently Asked Questions for Vermont
Radio PSAs:
:30 Radio PSA—”If It’s Not Safe, Why Do It?”
The Consequences of Distracted Driving (The University of Vermont Medical Center)
Road Safety Cartoon Campaign—”Raccoon”
Road Safety Cartoon Campaign—”Squirrel”
Road Safety Cartoon Campaign—”Skunk”

Thoughts for the Day VHSA Conference 2017

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